Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Surprise!! It's a baby!

It's true. Baby #4 is on its way! Mid September. (Yes, I have a hot summer in front of me.) To say this baby is a surprise is an understatement. Jordan was shocked for a few days, but I think he's excited for a little baby to hold. Me-the one who has gone through terrible all day morning sickness and weight gain and restless sleep is still not sure. On a particularly hard day Jordan gave me a blessing and the message that I got was this baby needs to come to our family now and the Lord is in charge. We are going to need a lot of Heaven's help then because three kids has been very hard for us. I've heard once you've had three that adding one more isn't a big deal; yeah, I don't believe that.

Here's a pic of the 9 week peanut. The doc had a super hard time finding said peanut and I didn't get to hear the heartbeat until 12 weeks.

My big ultrasound revealing the gender is April 24-Gemma's 2nd Birthday. That should be a great day, if the baby cooperates. 

From the way the last three months have gone I'm thinking this should be the most angelic baby ever!
I'm not saying it's been a piece of cake. I'm saying January until a few days ago has been almost nightmarish. Each one of us had the stomach bug and really bad colds on and off for two whole months. Then to top it off Jordan was gone for 5 weekends in a row for choir related trips. All while my nausea and throwing up was in full swing. Our house has never been so disgusting. Jordan's mom helped A LOT! She took the kids, cleaned my kitchen, and did laundry. Several days. 

We are now in Spring Break (March 18-22) and we are all healthy so bring on the good times!!


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I'm pretty convinced pregnancies take 9 months so that we can come to terms with all the little surprises we're sent. ;)

Excited to see what you're having...