Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Zoey the kitty

After killing 6 or 7 mice in the beginning of January Jordan and I were getting very frantic.  It's just a gross feeling having your house run by mice.  We asked our landlords what we could do and at first they offered their own mouse hunter cat for a week, but then they changed their minds. A few days later they said we could get an outside cat, but realized that it would somehow make it into the house. They decided we could get an inside cat.  The kids could not have been more excited.  Jordan put out on Facebook that we were looking for a kitty and within an hour we found a guy two towns over that had two kitties for free. FREE?! WE jumped on it and not a moment too soon.  On the drive over to get her the guy had 72 comments saying they wanted the cat.

We got out of the car and the man went inside to get a very tiny 6 week old kitty.  I'm pretty sure the kids decided on the name Zoey in the car on the way home.  We had a nice friend give us some litter and the cat came with food so we got home and began a new chapter with Zoey in it.


Kodee loves Zoey the most.  He would hold her for hours  and hours. He wakes up every morning and wants to hold her. He has to know where she is at all times. And he loves to feed her and scoop the poop. It's awesome! Jaxon loves her too, but is still afraid at the same time so he holds her away from his body. Gemma loves the kitty almost too much; ex. dragging her down the hall by her tail, or holding her by squeezing her neck.  She is a sweet kitty and loves to play. Especially with my feet.  She seems to like me even though I'm always throwing her off of me.  Sometimes she really bugs us, but we have not had anymore mice so I guess she's a keeper. Which is great for the kids because Kodee still prays how thankful he is we are keeping the kitty.  What a sweetheart.

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Sharron said...

Calicos are the best!