Sunday, August 16, 2015

March Madness

 Lottie continues to display cuteness all over the place. I love this high chair picture. Something about the way the chocolate makes her brows furrow like an evil villain just gets me!

 She's all over the place and pretty much makes a disaster at every turn- but we still love her!:)

 We are so grateful the Phoenix temple is so close and we are able to get away for a quick, peaceful date!

Jaxon's class stood outside of his class during parent teacher night at Diamond Canyon and performed a song. It was nice having the school so close to the house.


 Jaxon was so proud to show us his artwork of natural Arizona desert animals.

 Gemma was bit by the performing bug. I asked her to be my young Princess Aurora in the Maleficent show. She did great! The fairy godmothers danced around her and it was so cute- to the song "Darkside" by Kelly Clarkson. She held her little music box and did her twirls and took her part VERY seriously!

 Here are the three princess Auroras. Gemma was the youngest, then TJ was the middle one, and Peyton was the full grown princess. They were in our ward in Anthem.

Mommy the accompanist!

 I loved coaching the Anthem Dolphin Swim Team! This was at a meet in Scottsdale. It was a state meet in March at a really cool pool in Paradise Valley Prep School. Jaxon improved SO MUCH this year. These are the kids I coached. The theme of the meet was "Hawaiian Luau"

 The kids had fun digging in the sand at Diamond Canyon. Crazy little Ostriches.


 Pinewood Derby time! Jaxon insisted on a lightning bolt car! He and Kodee both had fast cars. Kodee's car won third place in the "non-scout" division. He was happy!

 Racing away!
We decided to end our month with a trip to Thatcher for our Spring Break! Spring Break seemed to come two or three weeks too late. We were SO READY for a break from Anthem and the crazy life of Phoenix! We also missed the snow cones. . .:)

End of February-Good times in Salt Lake City

The ACDA National convention in SLC in 2015?
How could Jordan not go?
If Jordan is going to Salt Lake, then why don't we all go?
I know my family was sad we didn't make it up to Utah for Christmas so when we planned to come end of Feb. I was very excited to tell them we were coming.
At first we were going to start driving up after school on a Tuesday, get there Wed. morning.
Then, Jordan started asking off for a development day for Tues. and then he got all manic and we left Monday afternoon. We topped in lovely Kanab at our fave-The Victorian Inn.
We got there after the desk had closed and it was a good thing I called beforehand so they had the room key waiting for us on the front desk.
The kids were so wound up about a new room that they fully woke up and started jumping from bed to bed and I could not get them to sleep.
I hoped we did not wake anybody else up!
Finally they settled down so we could get some shut eye.
We just love the snow on the red rocks in Utah
On our drive away from Kanab

Kanab is BEAUTIFUL in the winter!
Jordan was really lucky when he went to rent a car. The rental car company had a BRAND NEW 2015 Convertible Cherry Red Mustang. Because it was freezing and winter no one had interest in renting this car, but did Jordan? You betcha! He got a smokin' deal on this car and was able to whiz around town to and from the choral convention in style. I'm not gonna lie- I felt pretty cool. I also noticed that people would look at me like I was a complete scumbag on the road. It's ok. I just left them in my dust. There might have even been a time I drove with the top down in 40 degree weather because, why not?
Beautiful snowy travels! This is somewhere through soldiers pass/ outside of Panguitch before Beaver.

 The kids found this huge chair in front of the gas station in Beaver.

The boys figured out how to travel comfortably.
We decided to stop by Provo on the way into SLC to show the kids our old stomping grounds. Poor Jaxon picked up a bug by this time and was miserable and didn't want anything to do with his "J-Dawg" hot dog. He was pretty sick.

We had to show them the house we lived in when Jaxon was born. This corner holds some pretty magical memories for us. The apartment on the right side of the house is where we lived when we were first married.

 I was so excited to be able to come to this National American Choral Directors Association Conference. This was a MUCH needed break from the daily grind/humdrum I was enduring at Boulder Creek. This renewed my faith in my career choice and I was able to see some beautiful sites while I was there.

 The weather was very rainy/gray, but it was beautiful. I loved eating breakfast at the Blue Lemon and having this view whilst eating an artisan breakfast sandwich.

I decided to go tour the Beehive house in between sessions at the conference. I'm so glad I did. This is a picture of the Salt Lake Valley and the temple site when it was buried so enemies would not be able to find the cornerstones.

I had a very spiritual experience looking in on this room. This was a music room that was made in the beehive house for Brigham's children to practice music and let their talents flourish. This is also the exact spot where Joseph F. Smith received the revelation for Doctrine and Covenant 138 about missionary work in the spirit world. I felt dad's presence here very strongly and it was like he was rejoicing that I was seeing the room where that revelation happened. 

 One of our sessions on conducting was in the old tabernacle. I just love this building and seeing the pipes that are on our hymn books.

We had the opportunity to see Mo Tab perform with guest star- Alex Boye. He was incredible! He sang a spiritual and his voice touched us to the core.

I was able to meet up with Ryan and go to dinner with him. He liked the car as well! It was good to meet up with him and fill him in on my tough year. He's doing some amazing things with his career and we should be seeing some great music from him soon!

One of my favorite performances was the National High School choir that was directed by Dr. Andre Thomas. He was my first All-State director when I was a freshman so it was so fun to see him in action almost 20 years later.

I ran into an EAC friend, Jen Pugmire (whom I had never met until that day). We knew of each through a ton of mutual friends, but it was nice to actually meet each other. It was cool that she recognized me too.

This might be my favorite shot of the whole convention. This was incredible! All of the honor choirs and guest performing choirs and Mo-Tab and orchestra. It was incredible! Maybe one of the biggest performances with the most singers I've ever seen.

The kids had a lot of fun at grandma and grandpas while I was at the convention.

They were SO excited to see cousins! Elizabeth!

Jaxon was very excited to play chess with Uncle Clay.

The boys together! Cousins- Kevinsito, Ben, and Samuel.

Ari and Kim found a neat petting zoo to take the kids to in SLC and they took some adorable pics.


 The rest of the family was pretty stoked about the stang and they had to take it out for a spin!

Gemma is holding Megan and Pret's new baby! So cute!

We went to an awesome meta ice cream joint with Megan. Sub zero ice cream. They mixed it right there in front of you with liquid nitrogen.

Mountain time with the cousins! This means snow angels of course!

We hiked to the top of Cottonwood Pass and we were tuckered- but ready to sled down. It was so much fun!

Love these crazy peeps!

While I was at the convention Ari found fun things for the kids to do! She took them to Jumping Jacks- a bounce house indoor park. They loved it! So much fun!


Lottie went to the model homes with mommy and was a model toddler:)

This is one of my favorite pics Ari snapped of Gemma. Love her polka dots and her expression.