Friday, June 19, 2015

February at a glance

We got our new family pictures ordered and received! 
We love how they turned out

 Gemma and Ella, er,
Elsa and Anna
Gemma has many great friends in Anthem
 Gemma and her dance class. This was the last day with her first teacher Miss Desi.
 This is what happens when dad sits down to watch TV.
 He's got lots of buddies

 Bowling! Looks like Jaxon got a lot of pins down
 We are happy!
 Go Kodee!
The walk-up
 The swing
 The let go
 Gemma and her helper (The ramp)
 Lottie the cheerleader
She was all over the place and I could barely sit down for a minute
Life of a toddler
Gemma loves to color and does really well with staying in the lines..until she doesn't.
Occasionally she colors herself with marker
Just had to document how Lottie sleeps
bum up

Dad relaxing after teaching and coaching all day
At the big Anthem park
Gemma wanted to be buried
Looking awesome!
Miley wanted to be buried after
 Another gorgeous day found the kids and me at the park
Lottie's mouth full of Ritz and juice
Time for the yearly huge heart sugar cookies I make.
looks yummy dad!
 Lottie eating her creation
 Gemma is queen of sprinkles; she never has enough
 Kodee putting on little sugar hearts
 You want more sugar?!
 I'm here too piping away
 Finished product. It took me days to finish eating

this bad boy
 OH. MY. GOODNESS! Jordan got me this gorgeous table set for my Valentine's present.
I'm in love!
I came home one day to find Jordan and the neighbor carrying in the boxes
No more old mismatched table that bent down at the ends.
And it has a table insert with two additional chairs
(We do find out later that it scratches really easily) :(
 Our new pics in Jordan's office
 Jordan went to JAZZ/MAD festival Valentine's weekend and got to see Sydney
 The women's group got a Superior rating
Jordan thinks it was due to his direction on the Jazz side
I think so too. Way to go!
Gemma bringing in dad's luggage
Look mom, I'm strong!
The kids loved playing in the huge boxes the table and chairs came in.
President's Day weekend Jordan and the kids had off so we decided to take a quick trip to see Grandma.
I guess we were tired
Grandma getting some Keith kids' love
I think Lottie had too much.
Thanks for the weekend mom!
 Jordan captured a great shot of the pool and Community Center.
I can't believe we live here!
 I found some bubble containers that the kids loved one evening
 Gemma loved catching them
Lottie kept coming up to me all excited and would scream in my face
Yay! or bubble or something equally thrilling
(The huge boxes ended up outside. The kids made some good little houses out of them. It took us months to cut them up and get them in the recycling bin)
Next up-Our trip to Salt Lake for a family get together/ACDA Convention.

Monday, June 15, 2015

January happenings

 Curly Sue all dolled up for church.
 Fishy face selfie with my girl Gemma
 These three are like peas in a pod
They even have to sleep by each other
This cute girl is feeling very independent about walking.
 Gorgeous day outside. I bet all the snow states would have killed for this in january
 Friday night dance party Good times
 Jaxon has a crush! Addie wrote several notes like this to Jaxon throughout the year
Check yes or no
 I got to volunteer in Kodee's class and join him for lunch
 This is some Mcdondalds play place!
Charles Dairman asked Jordan to go and have fun
Ethan and Jaxon
 Brendan and Kodee

 My hot date all dressed up (and me in my new duds) to go see
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat-
My Christmas present.
We used a Starbucks giftcard to get their last two sandwiches and ate them on the way out to downtown
Me outside Gammage auditorium. My first time there.
It was very cool! We walked all over the 2nd balcony trying to find our seats. I couldn't believe how high up we were. But, I remembered almost all the words and even though we couldn't see much the show was super fun! The two leads, Narrator and Joseph were Diana DeGarmo and Ace Young from American Idol years ago. They had just gotten married. Diana was amazing especially for how much singing she had to do. Ace wasn't as good-pretty nasal, except when he hit his high high notes. that's where he excelled.
Afterwards we found a great pizza place down the road that had the biggest slices I've ever seen. Made for some messy eating in the car.
Overall, Best date I've had in a long while.
Thanks Babe!
 The kids LOVE hiking and we had to take advantage of the beautiful weather so I found a National Preserve where there was lots of hiking trails.
Once we finally got there the place was Perfect!
We chose a semi easy trail and we set out.

 Sandwich time! Food tastes better when you are in the outdoors.  Am I right?
 Going up the steepest part and it wasn't that bad
 Boys had to wait for me since I had an extra load on my back
 At the top. Incredible view!
Silly boys acting like they are falling
Beautiful Lottie loved riding in the stroller (for the most part)
On the way home it started getting long for the kids so we sang Primary songs while walking to try and keep their minds busy.
I felt so happy that my kids knew the songs and they are learning about Jesus. It was a sweet moment.
And then the kids all crashed in the car on the way home. That is another sweet moment.
Happy January!