Saturday, September 19, 2015

April FOOLishness:) (Spring Break!)

We snuck over to Thatcher for our spring break this year and had some fun with mom! We saw this picture she put over the fire place and love it! It got quite a few comments on Facebook:)

Family car wash is the best car wash! Kodee's rocking daddy's swim suit. He thought that was pretty funny.

We hurried back to Phoenix to spend some time with Kim, Dave, Benjamin, and Elizabeth. They came down for part of their spring break. We had to stop at the mall and do some shopping and the kids were being very cut, helping Lottie cross the crosswalk.

One of the things we had to do with Kim and Dave was hike the Sonoran desert which is literally right in our back yard. We loved the trails here and got to do this a few times while we lived in Anthem. Glad we can be an active, hiking family!

We had a DELICIOUS Easter feast with the Coulam's. This is my favorite meal!

Time to dye Easter eggs!


Having some fun cousin time with Benjamin.

The kids found some baby quail in the backyard and Ari took them to a bird rescuer that lived about 45 minutes away. We saved their lives though!

Lottie loved our swimteam bbq's we had at the end of each season. She especially loved this cupcake!

Disaster struck when the girls got into the powder in our bathroom/closet! Oh boy. . .

The eating monster!

Helping mom make cupcakes!

Gemma is ready for her birthday to arrive!

Chick-fil-a for lunch!

Gemma had a dance recital on the day of her birthday party. She was so cute. They danced to "Dancing Bears" from Anastasia, and she LOVES the dance. She still does it all the time. She's definitely bound to be a ballerina for life!

Jordan was dead set on getting the "perfect" bun for the recital. I think he mastered it. Thank goodness for those doughnut bun makers at the dollar store:) You'd never know that hair was stuffed:)



Serious face. . .

And the actual performance. . . It was at an outdoor shopping mall in Scottsdale. Mom and I (Jordan) went while Ari got everything ready for the party.

Time to open some birthday presents! Cinderella shoes!

More shoes. . .sandals this time!

And the ULTIMATE gift- the Cinderella blue dress from the movie. This is a gown she will never forget! Perfect to wear to her Disney princess party.

Time to show off the full ensemble!

Looks like someone is ready for a party!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

March Madness

 Lottie continues to display cuteness all over the place. I love this high chair picture. Something about the way the chocolate makes her brows furrow like an evil villain just gets me!

 She's all over the place and pretty much makes a disaster at every turn- but we still love her!:)

 We are so grateful the Phoenix temple is so close and we are able to get away for a quick, peaceful date!

Jaxon's class stood outside of his class during parent teacher night at Diamond Canyon and performed a song. It was nice having the school so close to the house.


 Jaxon was so proud to show us his artwork of natural Arizona desert animals.

 Gemma was bit by the performing bug. I asked her to be my young Princess Aurora in the Maleficent show. She did great! The fairy godmothers danced around her and it was so cute- to the song "Darkside" by Kelly Clarkson. She held her little music box and did her twirls and took her part VERY seriously!

 Here are the three princess Auroras. Gemma was the youngest, then TJ was the middle one, and Peyton was the full grown princess. They were in our ward in Anthem.

Mommy the accompanist!

 I loved coaching the Anthem Dolphin Swim Team! This was at a meet in Scottsdale. It was a state meet in March at a really cool pool in Paradise Valley Prep School. Jaxon improved SO MUCH this year. These are the kids I coached. The theme of the meet was "Hawaiian Luau"

 The kids had fun digging in the sand at Diamond Canyon. Crazy little Ostriches.


 Pinewood Derby time! Jaxon insisted on a lightning bolt car! He and Kodee both had fast cars. Kodee's car won third place in the "non-scout" division. He was happy!

 Racing away!
We decided to end our month with a trip to Thatcher for our Spring Break! Spring Break seemed to come two or three weeks too late. We were SO READY for a break from Anthem and the crazy life of Phoenix! We also missed the snow cones. . .:)