Thursday, July 3, 2014

Jordan Turns 32!

Whelp- Ari made sure I had a fantastic birthday. 

We started the day with these presents: cool water bottles and Jr. Mints!

Next- we dropped the kids off with Hollie Coates and went to do a free work out session at Orange Theory fitness. It's this really cool gym where everything is orange- literally. It's an hour work out. I burned 860 calories! You alternate between a row machine, treadmill, and weight lifting. You also get to see your heart rate through the whole thing- very cool, scientific, and modern!

We kicked that work outs booty!

Next, I had to show Ari my recent discovery: Rinaldi's Deli. It's amazing, just like stepping into Brooklyn, NY. Probably the best chicken parm sandwich I've ever had. 

For dinner, we took the kids to my favorite sushi spot- Kabuki. It was cool how much Jaxon loved sushi. I was surprised- he downed those California rolls. 

We finished the night with a little birthday party- yummy cake Ari made. Yack, Garrett, and their families came over. It was fun. 

Happy birthday- it's going to be a fun year!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hello Anthem!

So here we are! And look who was here to greet us when we unloaded the Uhaul. Garrett and Yack! I love these guys! It's so nice living this close to my best mission comps of all time. We can't wait to spend more time with them and their awesome families. 

Do we look happy or what?

Yack may or may not have just told a semi-inappropriate joke at this moment. 

So, I was worried to leave my awesome running routes in Safford- but here our my new Anthem routes. I love them. Some are lit up with lights at night, some our crushed clay trails. They're awesome and the desert scenery is kept up nicely. So far no snakes. Mostly just night hawks, coyotes, bunnies EVERYWHERE, and I think I saw a fox? random

Here's our little chunk-a-dunky cutie pie. She is so cute and rolly polly. She's gaining weight in her calves and thighs like a champ. :)

Here she is looking rather stylish on our first Sunday here in Anthem. 

By the way, we love the ward here. Lots of young families and they are all so friendly. We can't wait to make great friends here!

Here is Kodee waiting for Jaxon at one of his swim meet practices. He loves the Anthem pool at the community center. This kid is having one amazing summer!

Jaxon is quite the swimmer this summer being on the Anthem Aquabats swim team. I love watching him practice. He is improving every day. He loves it too- and loves seeing the ribbons on his wall after the meets. Hmmmm- sounds like another little boy I knew once. Piano medallions and swim meet ribbons. Is he a little Jordan or what? I may have a bit of an influence:)

Getting ready to take the plunge. 

This little chick-a-dee has been living in her swim suit this summer. In these pics she stuffed her blanket in her belly and told me she was ready to have a baby. Such a joker this one!

Dad has been going through some serious health issues the past few months. It's been pretty scary. There was even a few days/weeks where we thought we weren't going to have him very much longer. after many appointments of no answers and no doctor being able to diagnose the problem- they finally figured it out. 

He has pulmonary hypertension. The arteries around his heart are not pumping blood good at all. He has to be on oxygen, use a walker, and can barely take more than a step or two without feeling faint and wanting to pass out. Luckily he found the doctor that specialized in this- not far from Anthem I might add. He works in St. Josephs hospital in downtown phoenix right off I-17. 

He and mom are being trained on how to use the pump to administer his medicine. This condition can actually be managed- so he has some time yet to be with us! So happy about that! And SOOOOO grateful for modern medicine. 

This is when we went to say hi before Jaxon's swim meet he had down in Glendale. I can't believe the doctors and nurses let us bring the whole family in to ICU!

Ari and I had the wonderful opportunity to go to the Gilbert temple and see our friend's, Devon and Karessa be sealed to their newly adopted children. It was such a sweet, spiritual experience. 

Afterward, we all went to a splash pad and had a little party with the kiddos. Fun times! We pigged out at Sweet Tomatoes right before while we waited for everyone to get there. 

Decorating the house has been fun. We have this HUGE cut out alcove above our stairs and I decided I was going to hang some pictures in there. 

Kodee wanted to climb up too. 

There's quite a drop there and I was freaking myself out. Pools of sweat were welling up under my feet. Ari had to finish the job. I know- I'm a wimp when it comes to heights. What has happened in my thirties? I'm such a scaredy cat for some reason and I get dizzy with heights. 

All the kids up there. . .the one and only time they'll ever be allowed. 

Ari rocking it out like a champ- no big deal. She seriously has no fear of heights. Crazy lady. 

Kodee and Jaxon's new room!

Gemma's new room!

The finished Alcove project. 

Lottie's new room!

 We still love that dresser we painted for her!

A little play area at the top of the stairs. We'll call it "Map Alley."

We also hung up our "Everybody loves you" poster. 

More swim meet pics from the future Michael Phelps. 

Swimmer, take your mark. . .


To think this kid is now swimming breast stroke is a miracle. Just a few months ago I tried to work with him on it- it was a hot mess. He's getting there. It is still his toughest stroke though. 

We have a Daisy Mountain Railroad at the huge park by the community center. 

The kids were so excited to ride it!

Caboose it is! (on a side note, the night after the kids rode this, the train derailed and fell over on a runaway train ride. Scary- glad it didn't happen when we were there.) They say the problem is fixed now. 

The view on the ride!

Here is the awesome, huge park at the community center, the main center of Anthem. This is, by far, the kids favorite park in Anthem. It's so much fun!

So much fun to hang out with Garrett and Hollie's kids. We took Miley to see How To Train A Dragon 2! Good show!

And. .  .Jaxon won FIRST PLACE in back stroke!!! Woo hoo! So proud- his first blue ribbon!