Wednesday, June 8, 2016

November Adventures

November 2015 was a busy month! It all began with my 33rd birthday. 
I knew Jordan was stressed about upcoming events but he still managed to make my birthday a good one. First off, he surprised me with these signs.

Ha had all of his choir kids color these huge signs and write little notes to me
They were fun to read. It made me smile.
When he had me close my eyes to walk outside for a surprise I started thinking he got some outrageous present that I didn't really need. And then when he had me face the wall I was even more confused. I was really shocked when i opened my eyes!
We went to Toni's Kitchen for dinner. The kids were a little crazy and Lottie was so tired she was really whiny until she fell asleep in her chair and I laid her on the floor of the restaurant. Next year-it should just be me and Jordan for my birthday dinner.
Then we came home for cake and presents. I requested a DQ Oreo ice cream cake this year.
It was so delicious and exactly what I wanted!

Jordan knew that I wanted clothes and needed pants badly and boy did he deliver!
Connie gave me the softest sweat pants and sweatshirt that are perfect for lounging around the house
She also gave me a beautiful bracelet from Maine.
It turned out to be a great birthday!
nap time. We'll take them when we can
Jordan loves doing Gemma's hair in the coolest and most intricate ways when we have church later in the day.

All-State Show Choir 2015
Jordan was really impressed with Shayla and McKay Palmer from Thatcher for making it this year.
 Sam Kunselman from Anthem. One of Jordan's favorites
AZ sunsets are breathtaking
The 3 older kids at our first recital of the year. I even taught Gemma Hot Cross buns and she picked it up quickly. The boys played really well for taking the year before off.
Jordan was asked to conduct the NorthWest Regional JR High Choir. This year it was in St John's kind of in the middle of Flagstaff and Snowflake. Both of us have never been there before. They didn't even have a Walmart it was so small. But the stage at the HS was very spacious that we all wanted one like it. I got to go with him to accompany again. I love watching him work with these kids and turning them into performers

Here they all are! The kids were fantastic. Jordan had some outstanding soloists as well.

Nov. 20, 2015 Kayla Keith got married to TJ Searle in the Gilbert Temple
It was a beautiful day and sealing
I watched Jim throughout the day and he was pretty sad to have Kayla get married
(I remember that is how my dad seemed when I got married)

I loved finding these navy bow ties for the boys and watching them wear them all day
Kodee really loved it, he wore it to church for weeks after
Handsome brothers and best friends

Look at my beautiful girls!
these dresses were a great find as well!
I found some online that were Vintage but were double my budget
I asked Kim what all the other girls were getting and she sent me a link for these
They are perfect! And they were only $25 a piece
This is the best we could get of Lottie. I guess it's her 2ness coming out
I love these people!
Gemma looked at Kayla all day like she was in complete awe
She really admired how beautiful she looked
Kayla was darling with Gemma even when she was busy with pictures and wedding activities
We stayed with Emily and Yasser that weekend and the boys LOVE the toys they have there.
Luke, I am your Father..
I love when Lottie wants to sit with the boys. They are great with her.
This is Lottie's favorite way to smile now. Cheese! 
Her wild curls also make this a keeper
I'm pretty sure Gemma had blueberries this morning. Now her mouth is very purple
Evidence Lottie is not taking naps or sleeping through the night. That can't be comfortable, girl.
The Pumpkin pies I made for Thanksgiving at Jenny and Richards.
MMMMM! Homemade crust and all.
 Our third time running the Turkey Trot Thanksgiving morning
Seeing Stephanie is always a treat!
I had done some running weeks before this day but then I got into it and didn't feel nearly prepared.
I should have run without my coat. I got too hot.
Then my iPhone kept falling out of my pocket so that put me behind Jordan. Still my best time
Richard is crazy fast. He finished in 27 minutes. Geez!
This is how we felt we did.
 I think the turkey made Lottie tired. I sat like this for an hour.
But, the food was delicious and it was an enjoyable Thansgiving
Yay! Time for Christmas decorations and the tree!!
One of our Souveniers from our trip to the Univ. of Florida
blue and orange Santa
Jaxon and Gemma getting ready to trim the tree
Kodee and his ball
Jaxon and a ball he made in Preschool
I "mustache" you a question
That tree looks like it's leaning pretty good
The Annual Tree Lighting downtown Main Street
The wind made it freezing this night! 
Grandma came with us and I could tell she wanted to leave several times
They had fun games up and down the street though
The kids bowled, played baseball, played golf and slid down slides.
They had fun.
I'm soooo glad Lottie let us put on a long sleeve shirt and her coat! 
Remembering Grandpa by putting together his puzzles. Jaxon helped a lot with this one.
I'm glad he can get into puzzles.
A great start to the Christmas season!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Jaxon's birthday and Halloween/ October 2015

October 19, 2015 
Jaxon's 9th Birthday
He got to open a Bionicle that he wanted before school
After school he got to open his Mega Gun and huge Lego set he wanted

One happy birthday boy!
He requested cheesecake for his cake this year. I was happy with his choice. 
I can't believe you are in the last year of being single digits

Jordan and his HS students before the Fallibration concert

Here's the alumni who came up to sing "As Long as I Have Music"at the end of the concert
Jaci Lines, Brooklyn Farar, Monique Ungerman, TJ Taylor in back, Tyson Martindell, DeWitt Evans and Whitney Larson
Students at Olive Garden after being in the honor choir at U of A
Visiting Great Grandma in our Halloween costumes

Lottie switched from her crib to a toddler bed. She was so excited and happy. She probably slept in it a total of 2 times. She stopped napping and sleeping through the night as well. 6 months later she only wants to sleep with mom and dad in the big bed. It had been a nightmare.

Our yearly sugar cookie making and decorating
One of my fondest memories as a kid and even now
This one surrounded by green frosting and tons of candy pieces is Kodee's masterpiece
Halloween 2015 we all decided to be chipmunks and chipettes
It took some work and major innovation but I got all our costumes put together for only $62!
I loved Kodee's glasses! Dollar Tree find and I just popped out the lenses. There were even days after he would wear them around the house.
Girls or Chippettes. Gemma LOVED being Brittany! Her outfit took the most work but it was fun seeing it come together. I even dyed white tights purple because the town had no purple tights.
Her yellow legwarmers were a thrift store find that were adult hospital socks

Lottie was the perfect Eleanor. So stinkin' cute! I'm so glad she let us put this outfit on her. She did not want to wear the turtleneck at all. 
Finding loosy goosy socks for me was such a struggle. Those white things on my legs look like bandages. Whoops!

Such a cutie pie Gemma!

All ready to go trick or treating
Now with me in it 
As long as people saw Jaxon with us they could tell who we were
Pumpkin carving! The boys wanted to do it all by themselves this year.
We all went to a local farm this year to pick and cut our own pumpkins.
It was pretty fun. The only problem was we went at the beginning of the month so by the time we went to carve them three of them were moldy and soft. We only had 2 to carve left
Jaxon cutting out his mouth design
Final product. Jaxon's on the left, Kodee's on the right
It was so easy this year having them do their own designs and not a hard one from the pre-made packets
One night Kodee starting running around the family room jumping off the bean bag and couches.
Then he started rolling off the bean bag onto the floor. The bean bag was to the side of the tv stand so I came in and warned him that he was being too crazy and close to the tv stand and he should stop what he was doing. I left the room and he continued on. Maybe 2 minutes later I heard a thud and came in and Kodee was holding his head. He tried to play it off like he was fine but I knew.
I took his hand off his head and sure enough he had a little gash. 
I called Dr. Uncle Richard and he agreed to give him a stitch. 
Look at Kodee smiling. funny kid.
1 stitch is all it took. 
That's 4 times now.
6 days later I cut it out myself.
That was awesome.
Taste of Sound kids after singing
Visitng grandpa's grave on a stormy stormy day
look at the pretty fall flowers on each side
(Side story)-Whenever we drive by the Safford cemetery Lottie always says, "Bye, Grandpa!" I love this because that means she still remembers him, even though it's the wrong cemetery.