Monday, January 26, 2015

One year older, Ariana turns 32

 I was crazy this year and made my own cheesecake and dinner for my birthday
Oh! And I made a really good chili mac for lunch.
 But, I did get the new iPhone 6 upgrade. Wa-pow!
Kim got me some new closed toe shoes. Which I really needed.
 Jaxon had his first field day that afternoon so the girls and I walked down to watch him
He won the bag jump race

 Good work Jaxon
 New seating arrangement. We thought the couches were too far away from the TV
 The toys and reading chair are behind the long couch. 
The couches moved too easily though. 

 We love Gemma's curly hair
 Cute dress Lottie
Jaxon loves wearing his knight costume and building Legos. His happy place.
Happy Birthday to me! The Coates' came over to celebrate.
With fresh strawberries and crushed up Oreos the cheesecake was delicious!
I told Jordan that I'm not making lunch and dinner and my own cake next year.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Trunk or treat and H-A-L-L-O-W-E-E-N BOO!

Kim, Ben and Littles were still here in Anthem when our ward had it's trunk or treat. So after the baptism we relaxed for a while and then it was costume time!

Benjamin is Optimus Prime, Jaxon is a Gold Knight, Kodee is a SWAT team member, Lottie is a duck (all the kids have been this duck; I think Lottie liked it the most), Gemma is Tinkerbell again, and Elizabeth is a cute ladybug.
Look at that perfect bun! With  a bunmaker
The Trunk or treat was super fun. We got to the church to 20 or so chili's to try and cornbread and hot dogs. Grandpa loved this part. He also talked to a bunch of members in the ward and was very friendly. Right before it got dark we headed to the van and got the candy ready. I stayed to hand out candy while grandpa and Jordan took the wagon to take the kids around. There was even a car that had a popcorn machine and gave out bags of it. The kids had a blast! Lottie loved being in the wagon and eating a sucker the whole time.
Since Kodee was newly 6 he could go to the rock climbing wall at the Community Center. Jordan said they had no fear and almost got

to the top
Brave Kodee
There's Jaxon!
Pumpkin carving day! We did this 1 or 2 days before the actual Halloween day. Last year we carved two weeks before and we had to throw out the pumpkins before Halloween. Sad.
Gemma had fun trying to carve these tiny ones
Hand drawn designs this year. Jaxon chose a spider.
Happy Halloween! These kids got about 3 pounds of candy. It was a ton! They (Except Kodee are wearing the PJs Nee Nee got them. She gave each of them a gift bag with Halloween goodies and the boys birthday presents when she came up for Jaxon's baptism. She is so awesome!

For trick or treating on the 31st Gemma wanted to be Anna. Jordan went to a beauty store an hour before to buy that braid on her head. He wanted to do coronation day Anna hair even though her costume is braids Anna. Still super cute!
Work it!
We have a model on our hands
Here's the back view
Here's skater boy Kodee. For some reason he misplaced his SWAT costume from the trunk or treat. 
It ended up being in our closet under clothes. Weird.
As you can tell, he went with the flow and is happy to be a skater.
Kodee, you are so great!

 Miley as Elsa and Gemma as Anna

 The goodies!

Nice pose Jaxon! Personally, this was my favorite costume you've had in a few years.
We all walked around three streets or so right before it got dark to trick or treat with the Coates'. Anthem neighborhoods are awesome because the houses are so close together and most everybody sits on their driveways to hand out candy.
We were done before it was too late. Then I sat outside to hand out candy. The kids ran inside to check out their spoils and we watched Hocus Pocus. That movie never gets old.
The kids did not try to eat all their candy in one night. 
Win win!
Overall, a great Halloween!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Jaxon gets baptized!

  I can't believe we are here! I always thought in my head that when one of my children gets to be 8 and baptized that we were really grownups and the child would start growing up even faster. Jaxon was ready! I tried doing a baptism packet with him for months ahead and even an FHE (or two) on baptism and how it's his first covenant. Grandpa and ma Leinbach came down with Kim and the kids 2 days before the 25th. The next day we went through the Open House of the temple. Saturday dawned early and we couldn't seem to get out of the house on time. We were not used to having the Stake Center be 20 minutes away. And then I discovered I forgot to buy all white underwear for Jaxon. Poor kid! Jordan had to really jimmyrig what we did find for him. We got a few before shots in the hallway. Aunt Kim Keith brought Jaxon a beautiful white towel with a CTR symbol sewn on and the perfect poem for him. So we started the program.

 Proud dad!
 Proud mom too! (I AM missing an earring. I can't anything these days)
 Dear grandmother #1
 Dear grandmother #2
 Jaxon asked Aunt Kim to give the opening prayer, Kodee and I to sing Baptism, grandma L. the talk on baptism, Grandma K. the talk on the Holy Ghost, and the Grandpa Bob the closing prayer.
Kodee was so cute singing the first verse with me and his clear, high voice. 
Grandma's talk on Baptism was very thorough and wonderful. She had a lesson for every letter in baptism and corresponding posters.
Finally the moment came and Jordan and Jaxon got in the font. Jim and grandpa were the witnesses. The kids all sat in the front and watched Jaxon go under all the way and come out clean as could be. The next part was a whirlwind because Bro. Wayne was worried we were taking too much time for the next baptism so we adjourned to the Chapel.
Lottie was horrible and loud so Sis. Wayne took her out in the hall. I appreciated that so much so I could listen to the rest of the program.
Jordan and Jaxon came out and saw no one in the room so they found us in the chapel. Jaxon was in his new tie and tie tack and looked radiant.
Grandma K. got up and gave her talk on the Holy Ghost. She shared a story about how the Holy Ghost helped her one time so that was how Jaxon could tell if the Holy Ghost was guiding him or not. 
Grandpa gave a beautiful closing prayer about blessing our ancestors who have gone on before and to help Jaxon through his life, esp. Grandpa Keith who had just passed the month before.
 Everyone who came, well except for the Yack's
Kim took this pic
 Joanna took this one
It was a perfect day
 After baptism luncheon
Thanks mom and dad for buying the sandwiches from Jimmy Johns
That is a tasty place!
We probably needed a few more, but there were lots of chips and jello (by Hollie) and cookies
 Thanks Joanna for bringing the chips and Kim for the water cooler and water
 Jaxon and Benjiman
 Jordan telling a story I'm sure

The other half of the room
Thank you so much for coming everyone! It meant a lot to me and to Jaxon to have such support!
Grandma Connie gave him a figurine of Captain Moroni- his favorite scripture hero
Nee Nee gave him a CTR tie tack
Aunt Charlotte sent a gift card to Deseret Book (He picked out a Liahona)
Jaxon has been a different boy since his baptism. Something clicked in him and he has been super sweet and helpful and righteous ever since. I know he feels the Spirit and his testimony of Jesus and the Gospel is growing. 
We sure love you Jaxon!!
Thanks for your example of being the first one to get baptized!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Happy Birthday Boys!! Jaxon (8) and Kodee (6)

 Kodee turned 6 on October 17, 2014                 Jaxon turned 8 on October 19, 2014                              

wanted a tornado birthday cake with a house and him and such. He also wanted a mint chocolate sheet cake. Done my boy, done! Tornado parties were hard to find too online, but not as hard as Jaxon's. (See below) I had a lot of fun decorating this cake. The frosting got really thick the moment I put food coloring in it. So I had to work fast. That's why the tree is so chuncky. I wish the house was smaller, but Kodee seemed happy. The important thing was it tasted delicious!
 So here's what I came up with: 3 plastic table cloths for the cloud and tornado and streamers to make it look like it's twisting.

The Coates' came over to get in on the celebration. Kodee and Miley have become really good friends!
 Walkie Talkies!!

Can't tell who's more excited!

These two- adorable! Snuck away under the computer desk with the iphone. Gotta love that cheezer of Sydney!

Kodee, my happy happy boy, stop growing up! You are such a good friend to your brother and sisters and those at school. You say the darnedest things and we sure love you! Happy 6th Birthday!!
Jaxon wanted a lightning themed birthday. I was okay with that. Coming up with decorations was interesting because there weren't that many ideas online. But, I love party planning so I thought of this. It's a big storm cloud with lightning bolts coming out. I'm so glad Jordan could help me get those up on the tall ceiling.
Special birthday. Number 8!
He was so excited to get a transformer from Grandma!
A Nike coat
Here's the one he's been waiting for..
Legos! The biggest one he's ever gotten
And..Surprise! Rollerblades!

Jaxon's homemade chocolate cake. Fun to make

Dad gave Gemma a beautiful Dutch braid

That weekend Heidi Webster invited us to a really cool movie theater for her birthday. Grandma babysat since she was in town. (So sorry Gemma wouldn't go to sleep) 
We got there and Heidi paid for our tickets, wow!
We got to sit in very soft seats that reclined with a comfy blanket to cover us too
And..we got to eat during the movie
The movie food was pretty tasty AND free popcorn
The movie was a sappy Nicholas Sparks movie that was good until it wasn't. 
Oh well! We still had a great night out!

 We also had a chance to go to the Phoenix Temple open house! It was beautiful and such a neat experience!
 Mom was visiting for the boys' birthdays so she had a chance to come with us!

A friend of mine, Kristin Olds, was also able to join us for the amazing experience. It was so neat to share this with her!