Monday, April 13, 2015

Christmas is here! 2014

 Jaxon woke up right around 7am. Not too shabby. Jordan tried sleeping for a few more minutes but Jaxon started getting very antsy. We got up Kodee and Gemma and they saw this. Santa covered the doorway to the room with the presents so we could all go in together.
 We sang happy birthday to Jesus and then it was go time
The kids are ready to break through the paper wall!
They were so excited! They loved looking at their Santa gifts and each others presents.
 Santa got Jaxon a remote control helicopter in a ball to protect it from breaking so easily.
His other favorite was a new scooter.
He got more blocks from Gma Leinbach, a new Wii game, new army pants and jeans, coloring boo, Olaf, and Sky-the giraffe with hidden pockets from gma Keith.
He sleeps with Sky every night.
Kodee got a cool monster truck remote control from Santa (ended up breaking it that same day)
Blaze the dragon Stuffy, a new scooter (his favorite), new socks, coloring book, new Sunday shoes and cans of Sprite. He loved that!
Gemma's santa gift was the Elsa dress. She hated the sleeves for awhile, but she loves it now. New dress shoes, 5 barbie princesses, crowns, Grace the Hippo, Frozen puzzles, new dresses, and sweater, and new Sunday shoes. One happy girl!
 Here's the damage. We made quite the mess. Lottie got a ball ramp, new play food, Digger the Dog (The girls switched their stuffy's)
 Here is the coveted dress. And her very own cape courtesy of Gma. L.
 This is one of the prettier Elsa dresses I've seen.
 Coloring in her new book
 This girl loves to color

 New rosette dress and sweater and headband
 Jaxon's scooter

Jordan surprised me good this year. A new dress that fits perfectly that is modest to accompany in. and new shoes! Also, tickets to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat!! My favorite show! I also got a nice big bowl with lid for potlucks, a new casserole dish set from Connie, and new artwork. A new long sleeved shirt.
Jordan got an Itunes giftcard, 2 Hugga Bunch books form his childhood, a new ipod shuffle so he could swim, and new contacts. (Unfortunately those didn't come until after Christmas)
All in all it was a great day!
The kids played with their new toys, we watched a Christmas movie, Hollie was really nice and made us Christmas dinner being 6 days away from having Peyton. It was a delicious turkey dinner. I brought the mashed potatoes. The only thing that would have made the day better was having the boys toys' not break.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Christmas Eve 2014

Before we get to Christmas Eve I wanted to tell what happened the night before. We had lots of extra medical bills due to Kodee's new set of stitches in October and so I knew our budget for Christmas presents was going to be pretty low. I was okay with it because I didn't want to overdo it and get too many presents. After I got everything I noticed the kids only had one toy. I tried not to think about it too much. Well, right before Christmas the kids were still awake, (they were so so excited this year, they didn't sleep much) and we were playing when we heard a knock on the door. We ran to the door and all we saw was a card and chocolates on the doormat. We came inside and opened the card. 4 gift cards and cash poured out. Our jaws dropped! Someone was so generous and got us exactly what we could use! We put the kids to bed and asked if Garrett would come over so we could go get those final presents. We got the last two scooters that we wanted for the boys. And some groceries. I remember standing in line waiting to checkout feeling so grateful that Heavenly Father was watching out for us. Someone had listened to the Spirit and gave to us so freely. It was a wonderful night.
   Christmas Eve was full of excitement, joy, crazy kids, cleaning and straightening the house. We were getting ready for Hollie and Garrett and Sharifa and Steven coming over for our Christmas Eve party.
 Our goody plates we gave away. Fudge in the bag with caramel popcorn and sugar cookies
 Our tree with some presents underneath
 Lottie in festive pjs
 table ready for guests and dinner
 our guests and the kids table
 Pizza from Papa Murphy's 
(I really wanted to do homemade, but after cleaning all day I knew it wasn't going to happen)
 homemade cheeseball and spinach dip and veggies and ranch
 Sharifa made and brought these cheescake bites. Oh my! Yummy! They were delicious!!
I thought the party was really fun! We ate, played Kings and Queens (for Jaxon) and just laughed and talked. Our guests headed out about 7:30 so we all could get our kids to bed early for Santa to come.
 We pulled out our mattress so we could all sleep together. The kids loved it!!

 Jump away
 Ok kids, pose!
Family pose after we opened our new Christmas Eve PJs. I finally got my silky ones. Thanks Babe! Gemma loved her Frozen nightgown. Except the sleeves. We had to roll them up. The boys loved theirs too. Lottie's were actually too big so they didn't last long. 
I think we finally got the older three to bed around 9 which is great for Christmas Eve
Lottie slept in her crib
 Jaxon fell off right after I took this.
 Dreaming of sugarplums
We made sure everything was set for Santa, cookies, and wrapping paper for the doorway and we tried to fall sleep since we knew the kids would wake up early. 
I was very excited!

The most wonderful time of the year!

 Lottie in her Christmas dress from grandma L. Church is hard work. 
Love it when she falls asleep in our Sunday School class
 Up close of our scene on the piano
 Our outside Christmas lights. Jordan had to borrow two ladders to get the lights on the top over the porch. not too shabby
 Jordan and Jayda and Jordan-two voice students at our very small recital. They sang two songs each and then I had my two students Caitlyn and Ellie play their Christmas songs on the piano.

 Gemma's job was to pull out an object out the advent behind every day. She loved doing this! My favorite in when you pull out the tiny candy cane or baby Jesus.
 Kodee lost another tooth!
I think he was a little afraid it would hurt that's why his smile is not so big
First one on the top.
 Lottie in daddy's office while I rehearsed the accompaniment with Mr. Douglas' or dad's choirs
 Watching Sydney while her mom went to the doctor. Almost time to have that baby!
 Gma Connie came for a Christmas concert and she brought gingerbread trains with her for the kids to decorate. While she was trying to ice the train cars together we decided the house would have been easier. The kids had fun though.
 More decorations

 Family night at Peter Piper Pizza. The food is actually good and the kids love the games. Lottie loved riding this animal ride.

 Gotta love AZ Decembers. A light jacket is all you need for a fun time at the park
 Whoa! How long have you been there?!
 Lottie practicing more of her steps.
 Slow down ladybug!

 One weekend found us at the Mesa Temple Christmas lights. It was perfect! Tons of lights like Temple Square without the freezing cold and crowds. The kids loved looking at all the different Nativities inside. Somehow we went through the exit and got through the line much quicker than normal. After the lights it was time for hot chocolate!

 Mid December was the BCHS Christmas concert. I played for 5 or 6 numbers with the different choirs. Jordan had honor Choir sing a Hanukkah song that I had to learn. It was sooo hard! I was so relieved when Jordan cut most of the song. The choirs did great! I think some of these kids were happy don't you?
 One night we decided to drive around Anthem to look at Christmas lights. I had heard there was a house with a ton of lights by the freeway. We drove over there and started guessing where the house actually was. Luckily we went down a street that was on the other side of the fancy house. A few turns later and we found the neighborhood. Most of the houses were decorated very nicely. And then there was this one! They had so many Disney characters. They even had music playing.
 A couple of days before Christmas I made pancakes. My mom always made them our names so I decided to do Christmas words. This one spelled JOY. The kids loved it!