Sunday, September 29, 2013

Introducing Charlotte "Lottie" Mae Keith!!

Last picture pregnant at home, Tuesday night
 hospital around 9am Sept 18th, before inducing
 Jordan hit "One"derland!! 199 lbs  this day. Dairy Queen to celebrate. So proud of him. 
Dr. Romero put in cytotec to my cervix around 9:30am. Only dilated to a 2. Nurse Vickie put in my IV.  I hate having IVs in my arm. It's worse than the epidural in my opinion. I had to lay down for an hour.  It ended up being longer than that because I was watching the clock since I had to use the bathroom so bad. I got unhooked, got a robe, and Jordan and I went walking around the hospital grounds. We even went and visited Karen S. at work; the kids' dentist. My contractions were still very minor. Around 12:30 we ventured to check out the cafeteria choices. Jordan ended up with Chicken Washington(stuffed chicken with a hollandaise sauce), spinach, salad and rice pilaf. I wanted a really good sandwich but we couldn't find any so I got a big salad and settled with pizza. Halfway through eating I noticed the contractions were getting closer together and started hurting. Closer to 1pm we went back to the OB wing so I could get hooked back up to the fetal monitor. We watched some TV and I bounced on the ball while we waited for Vickie to come in. Vickie made her way back in at 1:30. I got hooked up again and I told Vickie I was feeling the contractions so she checked me and I was at a good 4! Holy cow-we weren't expecting such good progress. So they decided I did not need another dose of Cytotec. More good news. During this time Jordan went home to get warmer clothes because he was so cold. He came back with the ice cream. While I was down again Vickie kept coming in because the baby kept moving and wasn't being monitored so I had to lay on my left side. Flashbacks of all the other kids' births came to mind. Having to lay on my left side didn't mean good things. We continued to stay positive though. Dr. Romero came in to see how things were and wondered when I wanted the epidural and I told her I wanted to get to a 6 so it wouldn't slow down labor when I got it. After being monitored for an hour or so I was able to get back up and walk around. This time Jordan and I stayed in the hospital and we wandered every which way we could go. After a while I was really starting to feel the contractions so we took things slower and checked out the gift shop and went back to the OB wing. We saw Nicole so we started to talk to her and after about 10 minutes I had to dance through each contraction and they got stronger and stronger so we decided to go back in the room. It was around 3:30 once I got hooked up again and I was at a 6. WOO HOO!! I did it what I said I wanted to do. The contractions were strong but I was still able to breathe through them. Vickie said how I needed to have a whole bag of IV fluid before the epidural so I opted to get that going so the epidural wasn't too far off. During the first 20 minutes I was ok, but then I started checking the bag to see if it was empty and it wasn't so I kind of panicked and began having trouble breathing through the contractions which were about 4 minutes apart. Half way through the bag Vickie let the anesthesiologist know to come soon. I think it was around 4 when I had to hold Jordan's hand to get through the pain. 4:10 is when the medicine came! But it sure took them a while to get started. The anesthesiologist introduced herself as a student and I didn't think anything of it until afterwards. I remember sitting there on the bed grabbing the pillow with my face in it and Jordan holding my body still while they put the needle and such in. So by 4:30 it was in. I started noticing my right leg going numb pretty good but then I felt some pain on my left side. I asked Dr. Romero how long the medicine took and they said 10-15 minutes before I was all numb. I kept waiting and the pain didn't ever fully disappear. I was a little bummed, but I could still breathe through the pain. 26 minutes later I was at a 7 and 100% effaced. I decided to take a nap.  Everyone thought I had hours to go, but by 5:45 the baby's heart rate went down for a few minutes so they put me on my left side. A few minutes later, the baby was still low and my blood pressure was low so Vickie, Dr. Romero and 2 other nurses came in to switch me to my right side and give me some blood pressure medicine. We started getting a little nervous so Dr. R stayed by the monitor talking to us and making sure the baby was doing okay. Then she checked me and I was at a 8. The nurse pulled out the delivery table and unfolded the packet and from there things went very fast. Jordan called Richard to come because he said he would be there when I delivered. While we waited for him I got to 10 cm! Finally around 6:30 we realized he was there just waiting in the nurses station. I was checked again and Dr. Romero said I could start pushing. That was around 6:37. We waited for a contraction, which I could feel, then I went for it. After two pushes they said she was coming and they could see her head. Jordan still though I had a while to go, but two contractions of pushing later and little Lottie was out! 6:48 pm. Wow! Easiest labor and delivery out of all 4 kids! Dr. Romero put the baby right on my chest and I got to see her and I said how tiny she was! Jordan cut the cord and then they took her to get warmed and cleaned looked at by Uncle Richard. She had the cutest, littlest cry and then she got really calm and alert. Dr. Romero looked at my placenta to see if the baby's cord was on the right side and it was. (During my 28 week ultrasound the tech thought she saw the cord on the right side so they ordered another ultrasound the next month. I went back to confirm the first finding and Lottie's feet were in the way.) The doctors thought it was still fine since the baby was still growing. Sometimes when the cord is on the right side instead of the center of the placenta, the arteries and veins going into the baby could not be going into the baby and therefore they don't get all the nutrients and blood they need to grow. Dr. Romero was shocked that all the arteries and veins were indeed going into the placenta. She called it a miracle. A beautiful miracle she is with very blond hair. I am so happy she's here and that I am done being pregnant!!
Sucking her out.
Getting cleaned and checked out

Uncle Richard says she's healthy
First pic together. I was puffy from IV fluid. No one bothered to tell me to smooth my hair
Dr. Romero and us
My favorite doctor ever!
Bonding time

Proud daddy!
bath time
After bath. Look at the blond hair!! Such a cutie!

I must have stayed on that bed for another 3 hours while we waited for my epidural to wear off. Jordan's dad came and sat with me while Lottie was in the bath. Jordan came back in with his mom and the baby and then Janeen came. I was still waiting for dinner when they came. I waited for over an hour to get my food after the baby came. I was so hungry Janeen was ready to go get it for me. When it finally came she helped me mayo and mustard my sandwiches for me. Jordan and his mom went and got pizza at 9:30. After Jordan got back and finished my food was i finally ready to try to walk to the shower. My right thigh was still pretty buzzy, but i was able to walk. Sitting down was another story. My leg gave out and i plopped onto the seat. Good thing I had 2 nurses by my sides to help me. After showering I was wheel chaired into my recovery room. Jordan and I settled down and were asleep not long after. Lottie did so good the first night. She slept from 2-7. I kept waking up too see if she was okay and she was out cold. It was pretty nice during this time because the nurses didn't check on us every hour so we actually got some sleep. 


Rob and Marseille said...

congrats! thanks for sharing her birth story. I LOVE reading them!

telisha said...

Congrats! So fun and she is a doll. Glad to hear everything went smoothly. Good luck with four! Yehaw!