Saturday, June 15, 2013

End of the school year/ beginning of summer wrap up!

What a whirl-wind May was! May is always the craziest month, but we're finding as our kids get older. . .the crazier it gets! Luckily Jordan didn't have all the "duties" he had with the senior class last year, so it wasn't as stressful for him. 

Let's start with Mother's day. 

It was a great day for Ari. Jordan pampered her and made sure she had a great day! Some of the highlights were- new stools for the bar/counter, a new purse which was desperately needed, and comfy nike sandals that will help immensely with this pregnancy!

Present opening time!

 Jordan thought it would be funny to dare the kids to drink pickle juice for a dollar! Kodee's reaction was priceless. Needless to say, he didn't drink the whole cup- but Jordan still gave him the dollar:)

Nee Nee stopped by to have Gemma play with Paizli! They had a blast on the trampoline- and competing for Nee Nee's attention! Seriously that woman is magical with children:)


Jaxon and Kodee finished up a great semester of gymnastics. They didn't win the trophy but were good sports. We're still working hard with Jaxon that it's not always about winning but having a good time just doing things. He's EXTREMELY competitive and has a hard time losing. Look at that form though:)


This is the old Louis Armstrong statue that Jordan's siblings used to chase him around with when he was 3. He was TERRIFIED of the statue and used to have nightmares about it. It now sits in his office as a "beacon of inspiration." All about overcoming your fears- oh and Louis was a pretty good musician too- just a lil' bit.  Ha ha! Becca peck snuck into his office on the last day of school and took a selfie with Jordan's phone/camera. Love when students do fun stuff like this!


We were able to go to Jaxon's Kindergarten showcase/wrap up night. He was able to show off all of his work and play games with us to show us all he's learned. I think it's amazing they leave kindergarten reading! He loves academics- and he's doing very good on the piano this summer. He's now taking lessons with Celeste Innes and loving it! He's a natural!

On the left is the first day of school- on the right LAST DAY! He made it! And with an even bigger smile:)
 These are the pictures that Jax took for the photographer. We think they're hilarious because he ran home from school that day and said "Mom! I smiled like this!" and he made this face exactly. Apparently he's starting to feel self-conscious about his two front teeth being up so high, from when he bumped them as a baby! One of them is loose, so he's starting to lose them! Hopefully his teeth will recover from such a weird placement:)

Shelby Peck and Paige Christensen had a joint Senior Recital! It was awesome! Shelby really turned into quite the "singer-songwriter, sound" and Paige was his "musical theater belter." They will be missed IMMENSELY from his vocal studio. Two of the cutest personalities he's ever worked with!

My graduating seniors! We lost a few through the year- but these guys stuck it through and I'm proud of them! Wish nothing but the best for them. Shelby Peck was a wonderful choir president! Whitney was such a friend to all- I'm glad they were in Taste for all four years!


When dad came home from school after he checked out for the summer- everyone was so excited! Summer is the greatest time in our house because Dad can PLAY!!!!!

 Dad took the boys out to Father's and Son's. At sun down all they wanted to do was go into the tent and watch a movie. So much for the great outdoors:) Nah- the boys LIVE for camping. Even though Jaxon has developed some extreme fears over the last year (wolves and bears are at the top of the list) he loves the mountain and camping, and would move up there if he could. 

Zoey the cat: she's so sweet and such a deviant all at the same time! More deviant than sweet I'm afraid. . .


We thought we lost her one day this summer. We couldn't find her for over 24 hours and we really started to worry. We prayed all day for her safe return. Jordan had the idea to walk around the neighborhood the next night and ask neighbors if they'd seen her with a picture. We walked around the whole block with no dice. Then right as we were heading home, who appeared out of nowhere on the corner of Willow Ave? Zoey! We were so grateful to have her back. (Jordan mostly because he just paid quite a large sum of money to have her fixed and vaccinated!)

We had to give her a major bath because she was SO SO SO dirty. Like- black dirty. We have no idea the adventure she'd been through, but it must have been shocking and traumatizing because it took her a while to return to her old self, and now unfortunately she's a little more vicious. Hopefully that will go away.

We love when Nee Nee comes home from her yearly cruise because she always brings the kids such thoughtful gifts- and boy were they excited to see her! We love these shirts from Cozomel, Mexico. She got the kids stuffed turtles from the turtle farm in the Cayman Islands. And these awesome suckers! Mom got a charm bracelet and dad got a back scratcher with a turtle on it.

G cracks me up! She is so smiley and happy, then out of nowhere she'll pull a diva face like this. Gotta love her!
Have I mentioned Ari is the greatest mom in the world? I'm pretty sure she's the favorite favorite person of these little people!

We love summer because it makes the boys do this. All the swimming between the Daley Estates, Safford, and Pima pool really tires them out!


Ari saw this great idea on a list Nee Nee gave her. The boys loved it, and I'm pretty sure Jaxon is destined to be some kind of physics/engineer. He builds things that I couldn't come up with in a million years.

This summer we plan on seeing the sights around our valley with our friends with the Tregaskes'. Here's trip number one- all the way to Big Toe. Yes, the same Big Toe where 5 years ago Jordan sprained both ankles and we felt like we almost died out there. The kids did great on the hike- and this time- no problems with the ankle. Although, we always seem to go when Ari's big and preggo.

One Sunday as we were walking to church these bees appeared out of nowhere and scared us to death. Jordan went to go take care of it, and magically they disappeared while he was making all the phone calls. Good riddance!

 One of Jordan's hairstyle masterpieces with Gemma! If only she were black :) haha

 Our little Pippy Longstocking! Cutie-pa-tooty!
 The boys received buzz cuts for the summer, courtesy of Jordan. We decided to give Jaxon an "edge" for a minute! We prefer the Jax on the right!:)

 First project of the summer- rearranging the bedroom! We love it, and now there is so much more space!

We've had fun cooking this summer. This is Beef Curry and roti. It was DELISH!

Jordan was inspired by a show on the food network channel to make this "Million dollar mac n cheese" It was probably the most expensive meal we've made. Had gouda cheese, bri cheese, real dutch cheddar, LOBSTER, sweet corn, fancy pasta noodles- probably 1,000 calories in ever bite. But it's ok, because following this meal Jordan's decided to go on a huge health spree this summer! He's already down 10 pounds! No sugar, lots of veggies, and swimming like crazy!

 The boys favorite neighbors- The Marble's have a grandson, Jaxson, who's been coming down and playing with Kodee and Jax. They LOVE him! Turns out he's related to an old friend of mine, Brent Kouts, and he looks just like him when he was little! It's like a reincarnation of second generation Keith and Kouts playing together!

 I thought this was funny- but it grossed a lot of people out on FB.  Sorry!:)

Beets, it's what's for dinner!

The day of the huge Ryan Innes and the voice contestants- Amy Whitcomb and Midas Whale playing with Fictionist. It was a great concert. Here we were sending out our love to Ryan! So proud of our boy!


Took lots of video of Ryan, but unfortunately no pics. Here is the famous Midas Whale. These boys are hilarious!

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Jenny said...

yeah...I so wanted to be at that concert. Do you know that Ryan Innes did a benefit concert for Now I Can, where Samantha goes to intensive physical therapy in Provo each year? I've been a fan ever since. Enjoy the summer! It goes toooooo quickly. :)