Sunday, May 19, 2013

T stands for Two which also means capital T-R-O-U-B-L-E!

Yes, Gemma has turned the dreaded 2! April 24 dawned not too early, but Miss Gemma woke up to balloons all over her floor. Anytime we mentioned birthday she said, "Happy!" After grabbing a beloved balloon she kept saying happy over and over.
We threw you a party in the evening probably on the one of the craziest days to so. It was the day right before Daddy's high school concert and interview the next day. I took on quite the project for your cake. I borrowed a cake ball pan and made several of 6 different colors the night before. That took all my cake mix and so I had to go buy more to make two round cakes. I hid the colored cake balls in white cake mix and you didn't know it until I cut into it. Frosting it took forever. And then I had to add chewy sweethearts on top. That was Kodee's favorite part.

 I think you were most excited about the candles on your cake. You tried eating them all day.
 Then when we lit them you were so mesmerized, hence, this picture below. One of my favorites of yours!
Nee Nee came and so did Uncle Richard and Aunt Jenny with their kids. You loved opening presents. So did the boys; they really helped you. By almost taking over completely. 
Grandma gave you a July 4th outfit (that you put on immediately) and the cutest dress and a duckie.
Jenny gave you a little baby doll that you love to sleep with.
Neenee also gave you a cute top with a skort and the neatest quiet book we've ever seen. It is quite the treasure!
We gave you a bath toy and a tea party set and your first trike. The boys love it too!
You did not want to go to bed that night, you just wanted to play with your new toys. I don't blame you.
Even though you are now two and getting into big messes and more tantrums, thank you for being the sweetest little girl and cute and having a calming personality.
Your brothers and I adore you, but you really have dad wrapped around your little finger. He loves to snuggle with you and read to you before bed. He sings to you every night and puts you to bed.  You sure get away with a lot around Dad. 
Happy Birthday darling, girl!

 Birthday morning! So excited!
 You love for dad to do your hair. You'll barely let mom touch it with a comb, but sit there very good for dad. You always have to run straight to the bathroom for the hairspray and of course the biolage hair shine spray. 
This was right before Leisel Innes' now Rudolfo's wedding reception. You looked especially cute!

You are quite the fashionista! You're obsessed with clothes and sometimes change 4 or 5 times a day. This is when you got into a bunch of 6 month baby boy clothes we were selling. You love creating outfits!

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