Thursday, January 3, 2013

Santa Makes His Grand Appearance

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse

Twas the night before Christmas- and we all wore our new Christmas pajamas

Jaxon was all about Santa this year!

Gemma was NOT having the Santa's lap experience. 


Kodee was a little unsure. 


Jaxon made this gingerbread house in kindergarten!

Gemma received a homemade dog from Grandma. It's purple!

Jaxon wrapped these all by himself. He actually wrapped all Kodee, Gemma, and Mom's gifts together. 

Nee Nee had the kids come over the night before christmas eve to give the kids their gifts. Koosh ball guns for the boys and a baby doll stroller for Gemma. 

Nee Nee's gifts for the boys

The letter:

Santa Came!

Our Christmas Eve family room- retro 70's style

My sweetie poo in her christmas pajamas

New Jammas- she loves with a love

Santa's Gift to Gemma

Santa's Gift to Kodee

Jaxon's gift from Santa- an Avenger's Scooter

Gemma playing Santa on Christmas morn!

Kodee playing with his new orange and black helicopter. 

Tearing through the wrapped doorway. 

Gemma unwrapping her new baby doll. She is such a good mommy and takes the job very seriously. She is all girl through and through. 

Kodee ready to snip off the last chain link for Christmas morning. The excitment of this little one was priceless. 

Jordan got Ari a new black pea coat to replace the one that was stolen last year. She LOVES it!

Ari got a new bread maker from her parents!

Dad got a new suit from Ari and the Leinbach's. Thank you so much!

Gemma feeding her new baby a bottle. 

Jaxon got this t-ball/ball pitching toy. He LOVES it!

Classic Kodee face opening up a tractor from grandma. 

New matching bath towels from Grandma!

Mistletoe Hat!

An ear warmer from Mama. 

After the wrapping paper fight. Anyone want to clean up? Bueller? Bueller?

Ari received colorful pants for her Christmas gifts. 

Uncle Ryan came out to take the family on an off-roading adventure. 

One of Ari's Christmas outfits. 

Gemma got a mistletoe hat in her stocking. Too cute. 

Jaxon's new obsession: Grandpa's electronic battleship game. 

Too much cuteness

Troy took the boys on a motorcycle ride around the block. 

Christopher Creek cabin in Payson

Kodee was so excited to get out in the cold, but then decided maybe the cold was too much. 

Jaxon LOVES his nephew Spencer. He's one of his favorite people. 

Our big family group at the cabin. Fun christmas memories. 

My little pneumonia patient. Such a snuggler when she's sick. She became very sick with a cough while we were at the cabin. It was so bad, that we had to head back to the cabin after we initially tried to come home because she couldn't stop coughing. The next day Richard took a chest x-ray, and there you have it. Pneumonia. This little girl does NOT like taking her medicine. 

Jaxon performed in his first Christmas piano recital this year. He played Jingle Bells!

Here is a picture of Ari and I that Jaxon drew at school. Nice art Jax!

Love this pic of Gemma that Ari texted me when I was away on a school trip. I miss this girl when I'm gone!

These are some of my favorite pics that our babysitter took of the kids. Thanks Becca!
Way to nerd out the kids.

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