Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Back in AZ July Fun! 24th of July, Pioneer Day!

Coming back to AZ- I jumped right back into swimming lessons. This road runner liked to keep us company. Pretty majestic creature. It's been so great to be able to use Cathy Konopnicki's pool to do the lessons. We're so grateful for her.

The boys had their first sleep over with Zach. Here they are watching So You Think You Can Dance and recreating a hip hop routine. It was so funny. They had a blast.
Lottie's obsession this summer- Play Dough. Oh man- obsession doesn't even come close to her infatuation with it.
The boys love to help out in the yard!
Lottie gets so tired when she doesn't have a nap- this is not an uncommon occurance. Sleeping mid bite. . . Oh and cinnamon toast crunch is wanted ALL THE TIME.

Ari took the kids to Candies Ice Cream shop while I was gone for a choral conference. 

Jaxon's lego creations are so creative and ingenious. He's definitely got a talent!

Pioneer Day finally arrived. This little pioneer is ready for a parade. She takes even pioneer fashion seriously.

The boys weren't quite as enthusiastic about the parade. They endured it and had a little more appreciation for what the pioneers went through.
They represented the "past" portion of the float. Love our mountain backdrop. You don't see anything like that in Guymon:)

They were so hot in the parade. We were thrown a few otter pops and Kodee saw us eating them. He was not happy he did not get one. After the parade they couldn't stop talking about how uncomfortable they were. Aw- suck it up butter cups.

The celebration afterward was awesome. Good bbq and friends! Gemma found Paizley! She was so excited. It's been a long time!

Lottie found multiple ways to entertain herself.

Playing airplane with Gemma while we wait for the fireworks

Lottie had to get in on the action too!
Little rascal. The boys were off playing with their friends. It was a pretty magical night.

The next day Ari and Katie dressed up like authentic pioneers to lead the primary music. It was so much fun. The kids sat on blankets.

Such dedicated choristers. They do a great job!

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